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    Hello! My name is Kim. I created this blog as a place for me to compile all of my, well, everything. I have been trying to separate "work" and "personal" in the blogging world for way too long. So here at tickledpink studios, you will be sure to find a little bit of everything. The reason I picked up my first "real" camera to begin with was so I could learn to capture the moments in my every day life that, unfortunately will not last forever. You will mostly see pictures on this blog, but don't be surprised if you happen upon some fun adventures, family journaling, graphic design, crafting, cooking, baking, organizing, chaos, funny kid quotes, and anything else I feel like doing, saying or creating at the moment. Years from now, I hope to look back and be "tickled pink" because I did such a good job documenting the things in my life that make me enjoy it.

Take me back…

I think we all have days. Or moments. Or a time in life that we were so genuinely happy that we wish we could go back, even for a minute and relive it.  This was one of those days. One of those truly happy days. It was Faye’s 3rd birthday. We had talked about going to a museum or a zoo, or even an amusement park as a family.  I don’t remember why, but we ended up at the beach.  Our favorite beach. Together.

We stopped to get ice cream first. Not even fancy ice cream. It was Thrifty ice cream from the drug store.  Brandon was able to get off an hour or two early and the baby slept almost the entire time in the wrap.  We took turns with the “real” camera.  Snapping photo’s of all of the HAPPY. We had many days like this.  Days only documented in our memory.  But this day… I’m so grateful we captured this day..

Now, 10 months later, I look at these pictures and they make me cry. Every. Single. One…. Because it was before the hard. Before the tears. Before the uncertainty of a job loss.  The loss of a house. The loss of a neighborhood. The loss of a church family and a community that we loved for 2 years.  Loss of the life we had imagined for our little family. A life that we LOVED.  We feel like we lost a lot. It still hurts.  We are still sad.  Life is so hard.  And today, I just want to remember this day… 10 months ago… On Faye’s Birthday.. When life didn’t feel so hard..

Carlsbad, CA   10.26.2015


P.S.  I promise I am happy and we are doing great in our new home and life.  Sometimes I just need a minute to be sad and then we do exactly what Faye Faye did at the beginning of this perfect evening at the beach. We decide to stop crying. We pick ourselves back up and we eat the sandy ice cream. (Or in my case, I find JOY in my new life in the 1000 degrees in Mesa, Arizona)




Sandy Stevens - August 21, 2016 - 10:13 pm

Beautifully written and expressed. Bitter helps us appreciate the sweet. You will some day understand the reason you were directed to take this path. Love You! Mom

Katie Hatch - August 22, 2016 - 12:04 am

What a tender post Kim and sweet memories captured! Zachs family is in Mesa do we need to get together on our next trip!😘