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    Hello! My name is Kim. I created this blog as a place for me to compile all of my, well, everything. I have been trying to separate "work" and "personal" in the blogging world for way too long. So here at tickledpink studios, you will be sure to find a little bit of everything. The reason I picked up my first "real" camera to begin with was so I could learn to capture the moments in my every day life that, unfortunately will not last forever. You will mostly see pictures on this blog, but don't be surprised if you happen upon some fun adventures, family journaling, graphic design, crafting, cooking, baking, organizing, chaos, funny kid quotes, and anything else I feel like doing, saying or creating at the moment. Years from now, I hope to look back and be "tickled pink" because I did such a good job documenting the things in my life that make me enjoy it.

Lola’s Fancy Artist Party

Lola loves crafting, taping, coloring, painting, cutting, etc. So we decided to have a Fancy artist party this year. 

We needed to keep it budget friendly AND I really wanted the girls at the party to be able to CREATE. I was inspired by a few different parties on Pinterest, but needed to change things up a bit to fit our budget and I also knew going in that some girls would want to spend A LOT of time on each thing, and some would be done in seconds/minutes.

We had white Kraft bags and glue set out for the girls to decorate their own goodie bag with fun watercolor paper

Lola (and Faye) painted these jars and chose to have flowers instead of balloons (she also helped me arrange them)

We also made

Washi Tape Bracelets (soooo easy)

Popsicle Stick & Washi Tape Picture frames (I glued frames together beforehand)

FOOD is my fave:

I saw these Paint brush Rice Krispie treats on Pinterest and they were super easy to make and way less sticky for the kids to eat because of the stick!

Brandon popped some amazing coconut oil popcorn on the stovetop:

DIY Watercolor Palletes:

I cut the watercolor palletes out of gold poster board from Hobby Lobby & hot-glued paints onto them.

I was able to get 6 pallets per poster board. You could send these home with the kids or I decided to keep them for when I host playgroup/Joyschool.

We hung up plain white watercolor paper and also watercolor paper from this pack. We stapled Paper cups every few feet for the kids to share.

TIP: washi tape the corners of your paper and then staple  (or push-pins) into the tape so when you take it down, the paper doesn’t rip.

We also played ‘pin the pink paint on the pallette’

Hand crafted some fancy paper straw Heart Arrows (easiest, cheapest and cutest craft ever)

And said goodbye (Treat bags adorned with mini pallets made from scraps of gold poster board)

I’m think that a Girls Night Out Watercolor party may be in my future! 😜

Weston & Heather: Bride-Groom Session

This couple was such a happy and fun couple. We met up in Carlsbad for a Bride-Groom Session a few days before their BIG day.  I don’t think two people could be more photogenic, they already make a great team!  I had the hardest time not sharing more..

IMG_7761 (2)
IMG_7766 (1)
IMG_7769 (1)
IMG_7838 (2)
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Sandy Stevens - September 12, 2015 - 11:22 am

Beautiful pictures of a cute couple! You are such a talented photographer.