Labor Day trip to Southern California

For Labor Day weekend we decided to head to Southern California and spend it in the sun with some family.. We ended up enjoying the beach (the wind and the clouds included) and especially time with family.

This is Brandon trying to warn Hudson about the waves.. He seems to have no fear anymore..


sweet Daddy and sweet baby girl..

I sure love my Hudson.. He is always up for a hug and a kiss from his Mama. I hope that lasts forever!

Pretending.. Don’t really know what.. Probably pretending to be a monster..

This is why I bring him along!;)

Even if the light it harsh. I love beach pictures.. Nothing better than sticky wet hair and sticky sand on the face (with a little leftover lunch to go with it)

We spent Labor Day in Oceansice with Waldron cousins. Brandon talked Hudson into trying out the boogie board..

It was slightly scary.. But I think he was proud of himself after it was all said and done.

Uncle Brian is so much fun. Love this picture of the kids.. Ben, Logan, Karen, Brian, William, and Avery..

I guess he wasn’t too terrified the first time because Brandon talked him into going back out for more..

I don’t think he liked that Daddy let go, what do you think?:)

There weren’t even any real tears, just a little adrenaline rush to toughen him up.. I think he’ll be even more brave next summer!

More of the cute kids! Mia, Eva, Kylynne, Maxwell, and Mary.. A trip to the beach wouldn’t be the same without some good munchies!

Aunt Emily giving Lola some loves..

Brandon helped Jackie Paddle around for a little bit.

Jackie, you’re adorable.

Lucy, snoozing away in the stroller

Tammy took this one of Brandon and Lola. LOVE IT!

After the beach we headed up to the pool for more play and a BBQ

We also spent a few days in San Clemente where we experienced a blackout and the boys picked up some kind of stomach bug.. So we postponed going home and stayed an extra 4 or 5 days until Hudson could finally keep his food down (well almost.. I did attempt after day 2 to head home.. We stopped in north LA at In-n-out. Let’s just say we were grateful for our “to go” box.. By the time we got cleaned up and out of the bathroom to head back to Costa Mesa, they had cleaned up the mess and people we already enjoying their lunch at our table.. If they only knew…;)..

I think I washed every towel in that house at least 3 times.. Poor guy..

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