Learning and Climbing and just enjoying the little things..

I have had so much fun with my kids the last few weeks. I am loving the ages they are at right now. Don’t get me wrong, a mischievously quiet, crawling, climbing almost 1 year old paired with a busy, anti-napping, learning-hungry almost 4 year old is no cake-walk as a mom, but I LOVE IT and I’m trying to enjoy every minute of it..:)
{Please don’t get me wrong, they are much more than that–I’ll post a more detailed update about them on their birthday posts in the next month}

These photos were taken on January 10th.  I walked by the kids bedroom and found Lola like this.. So proud of herself for climbing up onto Hudson’s toddler bed. I had to take advantage of a fun photo opportunity. I love taking pictures of my kids having fun.

I get the most REAL expressions.
Notice that I move around a bit. To get different angles.
The windows were open and I even flipped on the overhead light to avoid having to use a flash.
After hearing Lola’s excitement, Hudson ran to the scene to join in the fun.

I try to make them forget about the camera by responding to them and talking to them like I normally would. I don’t, even once, ask them to look at the camera.
Yes, she fell. More than once. Did I laugh at her. Yes. Did she cry? No. Did she get right back up and continue where she left off. Yes. Good job Lola! Way to be tough!
THis is my definition of CRAZY-CUTE!

Can you see why I have been enjoying these two bundles of fun lately?

I am blessed.

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