My Birthday Girl–Lola’s Birthday Party

I still cant believe she is 1. We were so glad to have some friends and family come celebrate our little Lola on Saturday.  I worked on a few of the details a few weeks in advance, but mostly just put it together last minute. I am learning that if I plan for things like this too much it becomes more stressful than it is fun.  I didn’t do invitations. Most of the people we texted the day before or invited neighbors as we were passing by. I know, I know. That’s what I do is design cards, but I just didn’t plan ahead enough to do them too. We will make some fun thank you cards, I promise!;)  I have been wanting to make something with Lola’s name on it to put on the wall above her crib so this is what I came up with for the party (and then will be hung in her room)

Note to self:  When using a book to make a craft. Don’t do it in front of your 4 year old. It’s not a very good example and doesn’t make sense in his little mind..

Yes, this is our mailbox in all of it’s vintage glory {I LOVE that we don’t have to go get the mail}. For the party it was used to hold the treat bags for the kids. Note to self, don’t let kids help themselves until on the way out.. We are still finding half-eaten tootsie rolls, wrappers, and stickiness all over the toys in the kids room. At least they had fun, right?!

Oh, and I think Hudson downed like 3 bags before I got to him. When I asked him how many he had, he said “But, they just share with me!” Apparently his definition of sharing still means that he gets whatever he wants. Because I’m pretty sure he didn’t give up any of the candy from his own bag, but he somehow managed to finish off 2 or 3 of his friends candy.

The pink wall pom-poms were made out of 1 or 2 napkins. It was way cheaper than tissue paper and matched perfectly because we used the napkins as napkins as well..

contents in goodie bags: salt water taffy (trader joes), then to target to raid the valentine’s candy: blow pops, kisses, & tootsie rolls

Wall decorations:

One of the things I REALLY wanted to do in decorating for her party was use pictures. I searched for ideas on Pinterest and google. Nothing.  So here is what I came up with.

A last minute touch (I literally printed them off 5 min. before the first guest arrived) were these little framed nicknames:  “little sweet”- “lola ru”- “sister baby”- “lala lola lala sweet”- “lola lala”

Here is the view of our tiny little dining room.:)And yes I was so cheap that I didn’t even purchase a white tablecloth, I used a blanket and a yard of fabric from my newborn photography stash to cover the table.

The EASIEST decorations were the tulle pom poms. I did them in an hour, maybe. No special tools needed. String and tulle.  They will also be used in her room.

The frames were a gift years ago from a good friend. I still love them to death.

I made crown following this tutorial,

I made the cupcakes myself {obviously–we are not a perfectionist when it comes to baking, don’t judge} & used silver/foil cupcake liners because I thought they would look classy and if i had leftovers they would get used again.  I make both regular sized and mini cupcakes when I have a party. 1-Because I think it’s cute to have two different sizes. and 2-because I’m kind of a party pooper/sugar police and think my little Hudson will eat less sugar if he has 1 or 2 small ones verses a big one. Platters holding the cupcakes are from TJ Max, a year or so ago..

 Both the teapot and oval picture frame (not shown in this photos) are from Salvation Army.

The other little bowls were are just clear dessert bowls and salsa dishes from my cupboards. In a perfect world I would have some of those huge fancy jars, but I think these turned out perfect for the little occasion.

And of course we need to show off the birthday girl!  I had to go wake her up from her nap so she was a little bit out of it for a minute..

She just stared at her cupcake and looked like she was about to cry..:)

Good thing she had an older brother there to blow out the candle and steal it..

Surprise-surprise she wouldn’t wear her crown..;)


There’s my happy girl.. After a few minutes and a little less attention from everyone, she was her happy cheesy, beautiful, fun little self..

I LOVE this cheese. Don’t you?!


Time for a few presents.


Let’s be honest, she wasn’t really into them until they were unwrapped anyway, so we let all of the older kids help open..


We were grateful for family and friends that could come celebrate our little sweet, especial Poppy and Shelly and Aunt Jackie for taking the time to fly up for a quick visit! {thank you free flights!}

We had a great time and were so glad to have some family and friends to share in the fun with us! I had a lot of fun being creative and throwing it together without breaking the bank, I just wish I was a little better about taking pictures of everyone else there! {Can’t do it all though, right!?}

Jen - February 5, 2012 - 1:01 am

I love it! Everything about it! It is so cute and frilly and girly and lovely! You did such a good job! Wanna do Quincy’s in a year? :)

She is super cute, Happy Birthday!

Also, love the new blog! I am excited to see more photos, design, crafts, and especially your cute kids on your new blog!

Cassie - February 12, 2012 - 1:37 pm

Kim, I love this blog! You are so talented, not to mention really good at making cute babies! Miss you and wish SO badly we lived closer.

Ashley - February 14, 2012 - 2:17 am


I love this post! Your creatitivity amazes me. I wish you would post a tutorial on how to make the name banner. Very cute!!!


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