Our Lola Ruby at 1 Year..

I don’t know why I couldn’t get my act together for a real photo session for her 1 year pictures.. But I did take a few here and there that were an attempt to capture her at 1 year. Love her so much. She is so sweet and happy and easy.. Well for the most part.. She took her first steps on New Years Eve (Daddy’s bday–about 11 months old) but started walking more than crawling around 12 1/2 months.  She just loves her brother and I think her favorite time of day is when Daddy comes home.. Both kids run to the window and pound until they get a wave from him (I’m sure our neighbors love that;)).. She is such a good eater and will eat anything we put in front of her. Although, now at 14 months she has started being a little bit more particular about what she wants and when she wants it.  She starts her morning off every single day with a “nana” (banana) and if I forget to keep them up high she has been known to bite into another for a snack a few hours later (yes, peel and all).. She loves bath time and loves to play & walk around the house exploring. Lately she has made her way more and more into the pantry to see what she can scrounge up.  Her most common word is “WA-Wa” and boy does she drink water.  She stopped drinking a bottle (milk) at 12 months and it seems like she now prefers water most of the time..

Some of the other words she says often are “Pay-pay”–ie. Play-play (when she’s all done eating and ready to get down she usually says this–or when she wakes up from a nap). Mama, Daddy, Bu-Bye, Cracker, Car, Cookie, Doggie, Kitty, Hi (her other most favorite word–which she repeats over and over and over again even after you say hi back–even to strangers.. Of course, they all love it and think it’s adorable). I love when she finds me in the house and whatever door she walks through she makes sure to tell me hi. For some reason she also likes to silently mouth “hi-hi-hi” over and over again when it’s really quiet and she catches me smiling at her. When she does this I just want to attack her with kisses–and I do..:)She is a climber. She hasn’t climbed up onto anything too high yet, but I’m sure the day is approaching faster than I’d like.  She adores Hudson and loves to join in whatever he is doing or chase him around the house. One of my most favorite sounds is hearing them in the another laughing together.

She loves reading stories.  Has no interest whatsoever in watching movies or even short shows. She snuggles with her swaddle blanket every night and also a little bunny snuggle blanket.  She still sucks on her bottom lip when she is tired and to get herself to sleep at night and for naps.  It’s so adorable and she is most snugly at that time.

We just put up a hammock chair in the living room and she would swing in it all day if we let her.  She can be a little tease-with sharing food and running away when you want a hug/kiss.  She has decided to start screaming/screeching when she doesn’t like what someone (mostly Hudson) is doing or if we don’t respond right away, can’t wait for that part of this stage to be over;). Anyway.. Here are some pictures.. I took them in Feb. So she was 12-13 months old..

This blue dress is the only dress that I have from when I was a baby.. I thought it would be fun to use for her 1 year portraits.. I love the color.. I love how short dresses used to be for little girls.. Shows off the squishy thighs! {Maybe I’ll scan the picture I have of me in it and add it later:).. Should I?}

Love how she scrunches the nose when smiling big..

Her eyes are just so round and so beautiful. Just like her big round cheeks:)..

Love her little feet in this next one..

Walking and then frustrated with a fall..

And of course, a confidently crawling like a pro!

I decided to take a few “less formal” ones as well..

She’s looking mischievous right before she crawls up and attacks the camera..:)

Serious, but I love the light in her eyes..

Now she just needs to stop getting so big every day!:)

Lola, we love you so much and we are so grateful you are a part of our family now and FOREVER.  Thank you for being such a happy, delightful, sassy little spirit in our home. May you always be so confident, sweet, happy and full of life. Love, “Mama”

"D" Sandy - April 6, 2012 - 9:59 am

I love these pictures of Lola. She is so animated! Brings back so many memories seeing her in your little blue dress. I love it with the beads and the leggings, but mostly I love who is in it. Please give her lots of loves and squeezes from me. Love you so much! Thanks for the pictures!

Rachel Forbush - April 8, 2012 - 10:01 pm

Love these pictures! She is getting so big! A cutie! And very fashionable…of course, just like her mommy! Love you all!

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