Lola is officailly a girly-girl.

It’s official. Lola is a girly-girl.  She is obsessed with this green necklace. She loves dress-ups.  Yes, that is a super-man costume and 3D glasses we accidentally swiped from the dollar theater..

She also LOVES getting her toes and fingers done. This was the second time we have done them. She didn’t want to get off my lap. You have to understand that this child NEVER plays with the same object for more than 30 seconds. She wont sit and watch ANY kind of tv show or movie.. She just doesn’t have the attention span. She is the definition of busy-body. But yesterday when I got out my nail polish stash, she climbed up on my lap and patiently watched while I did a primer and two separate coats of color and then later in the day when I finally sat down again to do my own nails she climbed back up and got a top coat.  Maybe I will take her to get a real pedi for her second birthday!;)Love those chubby little hands and feet.

And here are a few more costume pics. Notice that the necklace is on throughout.. She wears it daily.. I think it’s time to start building my dress-up stash for her..  Girls are so much fun!


"d" Sandy Stevens - May 18, 2012 - 1:43 pm

Wish I could kiss those yummy feet! I always did love baby’s feet! I can’t believe she sits still long enough for that. Does hues want his done, too? Love the dress-ups. Cute pix!

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