Evie’s newborn photo’s

Here are my sweet little Evie Jane’s newborn photos.  For some reason for the first two weeks of her life, she mostly wore only a diaper. I just couldn’t get enough skin to skin time with this babe. I have not been like that with my other babies, maybe she needed it. Maybe I needed it. Or both. I am also usually all about bows for my girls, but not this time.  Part of it is because I don’t have room in my brain to think about one more thing, but I also just love her fuzzy little newborn hair and her all-natural look ;). I look at these pictures now and I want to cry that she is growing so dang fast!  This postpartum phase has been wonderful.  Brandon has taken over many of my duties when he isn’t working and I have had loads of down time to just ENJOY my little tiny Evelyn! I’m so grateful for that time. I took these photo’s over the first 3 weeks of her life.  The ones I am in were taken with a remote and tripod.

Love her tiny puckered lips

Little tiny Frog
You know she is a good baby, when Mama even thinks her raspy little cry is cute! (we don’t hear it very often)
I feel like she looks right into my soul
Looking to the light
I would never survive life with 4 kids without my Solly Baby Wraps!

{*photo cred. Brandon}


Sandy Stevens - July 28, 2015 - 6:01 pm

There is such a peacefulness captured in these photos! I love that you are included in some of them! She is so sweet! I’m so glad you have thoroughly enjoyed her. That’s how I felt with my fourth child! Such a precious gift! The miracle of birth! Love you!

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