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Lola’s Fancy Artist Party

Lola loves crafting, taping, coloring, painting, cutting, etc. So we decided to have a Fancy artist party this year. View full post »

Evie’s newborn photo’s

Here are my sweet little Evie Jane’s newborn photos.  For some reason for the first two weeks of her life, sheView full post »

Our sweet Evie Jane is here!

I am taking a minute to write his today because it is my last day before things get really truly REAL around here.View full post »

Our Family Pictures 2014

As stressful as pictures are, I never regret doing them!  The kids actually did WAY better than I thought they wouldView full post »

Our Faye Faye turned 2!

Our ‘sweet-n-spicy’ Faye Faye turned 2 last month!  She is so fun, crazy, funny, verbal, hot and cold,View full post »

I miss my camera & I miss blogging.. So here’s to getting going again..

Daddy just arrived home from work and grabbed the kids to go outside. {so I could have a much needed break and makeView full post »

Lola is 3!

I could honestly write for days about our little LOLA. She is so little, but so full of life and love and joy and funView full post »

Our Family 2013

The kids and I went on a hike to scope out a new photo location and also to play around with my new tripod/remote. SoView full post »

Trip to So Cal

Pit stop in Ventura for a quick surf session and fresh airView full post »

Beach Day with Friends

Hudson and Lola zonked out on the way home from the beach, Faye was a different story!View full post »

Randoms from March 2013

Dancing in Mama’s shoesGetting used to riding a big boy bike!View full post »

Bathtime with my babies..

Hudson and Lola LOVE helping me give Faye a bath. One morning last week, Lola really wanted to get in with her–soView full post »

Let the games begin!

Go Lugnuts! {he he he.. The name still cracks me up!}View full post »

Hudson’s 5th birthday!

I can’t believe my Hudson is 5! We started the day off with German Pancakes {his request} and Strawberries forView full post »