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    Hello! My name is Kim. I created this blog as a place for me to compile all of my, well, everything. I have been trying to separate "work" and "personal" in the blogging world for way too long. So here at tickledpink studios, you will be sure to find a little bit of everything. The reason I picked up my first "real" camera to begin with was so I could learn to capture the moments in my every day life that, unfortunately will not last forever. You will mostly see pictures on this blog, but don't be surprised if you happen upon some fun adventures, family journaling, graphic design, crafting, cooking, baking, organizing, chaos, funny kid quotes, and anything else I feel like doing, saying or creating at the moment. Years from now, I hope to look back and be "tickled pink" because I did such a good job documenting the things in my life that make me enjoy it.

Faye-Faye is 3 months!

Our little “Faye-Faye” is 3 months old {On January 26th to be exact}. Time flies. She is our little sweetheart. The best baby ever. So happy all the time. She has been sleeping 10-12 hours at night for a few weeks now and we are VERY grateful for that.  She has the BEST smiles and sweetest coo’s. She is beautiful.  She adores anyone who gives her attention and is already so patient with her older siblings and their rough-love. She was in her swing on the patio with me yesterday afternoon {68 degrees outside–pretty good for January, right?} So I decided to snap these. I’m in love all over again. Isn’t she the cutest thing you have every seen?!;)

Look at those eyes!:)And those cheeks! And that chin! (Yes, I pretty much want to go get her out of bed and eat her up… )

Had to get a photo of the CHUNKER thighs. Want to squeeze? Oh–she is soooo ticklish already-I feel bad for her.
And the sweet little feet. YUM!